Hair color

Hair coloring means change the hair color to new color. either by giving it complete different color, highlight the hair, or lowlight the hair. what ever you need to get new color for your hair stop by and our hair style specialist will make you satisfy 100% with you new hair color.

Hair color plateHair color Hair color








By looking to the pictures above, you will find color plates which will help you to choose the hair color you want us to make it for you. Moreover, you will find a picture of highlighted hair ( which means give hair a color lighter than its current color), which is opposite of low lighted hair (means give the hair color that is more low than its current color).

Color plate is a tool we put in our site that help our customers to chose the suitable color for their hair before they come to us, do not worry if the color in the plate is not suitable to you. Visit us and tell us what is the color you want for your hair and we will do it for you.

There is many factors you have to recognized before you select the suitable color for your hair, such as your face shape and your hair types. Each one of these factors are very important for your new hair color.

If you go to hair cut page you will find image that will help you to determine your face shape.