About us (Billy Mally Salon For Hair cut and hair coloring)

Hi I am Billy Malley (Owner of Billy Malley Salon for Hair Cut, and Hair Coloring) . I grew up in a household full of musicians and hairdressers. My brother and I lived with our dad Chuck Malley a professional musician and his father “Grandpa Al Malley the barber/hairdresser.”Grandpa Al ,all his brothers,his father and grandfather were all barbers and stylists and performed music and poetry for fun.Thats more than 200 years of music and hair! As a toddler my father would mentor me as a drummer and my brother the melody man. By the time i was 6 years old and my brother Ronnie was 8 years old we formed many projects and performed thousands of shows til now and could not see ourselves ever stopping ,just keep growing.At age 10 My grandpa told I only know how to play drums and how I will have a hard time making a living. He told me he wanted me to be a doctor and I knew that I wasn’t that good at school especially when my only interests were arts. Grandpa told me I will grow up fast ,I told him I already grew up and that I will carry on the family tradition of doing hair. He shrugged his shoulders and said I don’t think you want it and I told him grandpa you don’t have to test me ,besides all that I know is music ,good haircuts and how to pamper people because I really care how people look and feel.

Throughout school i was on tour with music doing all types of music shows,weddings,concerts and clubs.In my free time I would be at the my grandpas barbershop in Oak Lawn,IL. and not doing much homework from school ,but making my own homework and research on all the finest haircuts and colors by famous hairstylists and musicians and underground unheard of hairstylists and musicians from all around the world. I finished highschool early ,went to fashion school for a bit then jumped right into beauty school. I learned that a really good hairstylist is really good at mastering only one or two things in the craft. I chose the two most requested”haircuts and hair color!”

At my salon I keep it real genuine and kozy! Men Women and Children will always recieve a free thorough very detailed consultation,one on one focused attention,celebrity treatment,always complimentary drinks,snacks even lunch or dinner if you’re staying for a while for those hair coloring services that take a little extra time ,but well worth your while. Most important thing is that everyone will have a very good haircut and a very good color and style because Billy Malley is a master of haircuts ,haircolor and making everyone feel good!